“Today is the day!” you say to yourself about the workout schedule that this time you are keeping to!

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“Today is the day!” you say to yourself about the workout schedule that this time you are keeping to! Then not nearly a week later, you find yourself debating if you should do that other “thing” that came up instead, insisting to yourself, “Oh … I’ll just work out next time.”   

Why do we do this? Why do we break our commitment to ourselves? If you can’t seem to figure out a way to commit to a weekly workout schedule, here is the skinny: Nothing happens unless you make it happen. You! So since you are reading this, below are 10 tips to help you stick to your workout.


Set goals. 

Get a blank notebook and list five of your “wants” (i.e., tighter body, healthy mind, feeling strong). Every Sunday, redo your goals, even if you write the same words. 


2 Breakfast. 

Breakfast is fuel! Do not miss it. You have all day to burn it off. 


3 Routine. 

If you decide to do the gym every weekday from 8 to 9 a.m. for 21 days, your commitment just became a habit. Let nothing break that appointment you have with you.   


4 Sleep. 

You know what it feels like when you are tired. Don’t do that to yourself. Bed down early and be excited you get to live another amazing day.


5 Say “no” 

to the little voice in your head whispering to blow off your workout. That voice knows you better than anyone and can talk you out of anything.


6 Friends. 

Tell three or four friends about your unbreakable three- to five-day-a-week workout schedule and invite them to join you.


7 Books on tape. 

A great book on tape that you can’t finish until the next time you are at the gym or on the treadmill will keep you motivated.


8 Be a role model. 

If you have kids, tell them of your plans. You will feel good you are teaching them about accomplishing a goal. AND they will hold you accountable. 


9 Life. 

Stuff will happen to stop your workout. When it does, give yourself a break and get back on track as soon as you can. 


10 Days off. 

Take two to four days off. Start small so you can feel good about your accomplishments and commitment to yourself.