Age is Just a Number

For the multigenerational South Bay women of The LA Collective of Style, attitude is everything.

The inspiration of the Women’s March has sparked a dialogue, encouraging women to come together to celebrate and embrace what it means to be a woman. From this, The LA Collective of Style (LACS) was born. We are women representing four decades—from our 20s to 50s—and we openly dare you to tell us apart. We are from different generations, yet we feel ageless, timeless, beautiful and empowered through our individual journeys.

Each woman carries a story of her own with a unique sense of style and flair. Age isn’t something physical. Age is simply your outlook on life. It’s a mindset embracing inner beauty, which you can only find within your heart.

The women of the LACS embody these qualities and serve as an inspiration to women everywhere. Each of these women see beauty as neither separate or external but rather as a sum total of their radiant inner qualities. Beauty isn’t a thing. It’s a heartfelt feeling and a way of being in life. It’s about having a beautiful perspective on life and choosing to see both ourselves and others through a clear lens.

Beauty is an action. It comes from embracing everything about you, especially those things you may feel called to hide. Those personality quirks that you may see as “weird” or different are, in actuality, the things that make you special and unique.

These women represent the essence of the LACS, one based on love and compassion for all. When I’m surrounded in the love that I feel from my LACS sisters, I feel more beautiful than ever.

On International Women’s Day, we gathered together on the cliffs of the magical Palos Verdes Peninsula. Waverly and BLVD boutiques, located in Downtown Manhattan Beach, provided the fabulous boho-style inspiration. There’s something very special that happens when women come together supporting and honoring one another. There’s nothing more beautiful than a beautiful heart, and these women have that in spades!

Tanya Monaghan, editor of Et Cetera magazine and South Bay blogger @thekayagirl, is one of those ageless wonders—with a personality that defines inner beauty. It’s the qualities of empathy, kindness, compassion and love that come together to create a world of beauty on the inside. Tanya is also a mother of three and a former editor of South Africa’s Glamour magazine. She’s the definition of an empowered woman.

Lauren Dailey is the creator of and stays true to her Colorado roots with her grounded and humble nature. Michelle Marcinowski is a local fashion blogger who is just about to join the ranks of motherhood. She’s one of the creative partners behind the blog and is always ready with a smile or a kind word at a moment’s notice. And I’m Catherine Grace O’Connell, the founder of and the impetus behind The LA Collective of Style.

With a deep desire to show the world that age is a state of being, the LACS have created a powerful and beautiful force that’s based in love. They are out to dispel a common belief that fashion/lifestyle bloggers tend to come in one shape or age demographic. In reality, the blogging world is reflective of society with a variety of races, genders, backgrounds and, certainly, demographics.

It’s about harnessing your creativity with passion and purpose at any stage of life. We are believers that youthfulness is not reserved for the young. Youthfulness is an internal attitude that lives and breathes from your heart. Stay tuned for more ageless style inspiration as The LA Collective of Style encourages you to embrace your inner beauty. We are here to show you that love is beauty and beauty is love.