Angie Akers

Athlete. Health Advocate. Fierce Competitor.

She may have earned “Rookie of the Year” twice in her professional beach volleyball career—first in 2002 from the AVP and second in 2009 from the FIVB, but when it comes to leading a healthy and fit lifestyle, local Angie Akers is no rookie. “The exceptional weather and ‘sexy’ lifestyle that comes with this beach town definitely nurtures my motivation to stay outdoors and be active,” she says. 

Besides battling the competition—whether in sneakers (she qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2001) or bikinis—Angie has had to battle food allergies most of her life, the diagnosis of which came just four years ago.

As the cliché goes, it was “pasta before race days,” yet this only made Angie feel sluggish. “Over the years, I would slowly eliminate one thing from my diet and see if I had a good result from it,” she shares. “Cutting all wheat products and dairy made me feel like a totally different person.” She was beginning to discover that certain foods brought her discomfort while others fueled her much better as an athlete. Soon it was goodbye primavera, hello chicken and broccoli. 

Driven by her passion for beach volleyball as well as for the sake of longevity and feeling good, Angie takes a holistic approach when it comes to her fitness. She is incredibly conscious of what she puts into her body and combines strengthening with preventive exercises in her training regimen. “By taking care of things that are in my control, like diet, fitness and hard work, I can eliminate them from the equation when it comes to facing my competition.”

And how about this upcoming season? “I want to enjoy every minute of it,” beams Angie, who looks forward to competing in international events on the FIVB tour and preparing for the London Olympic Games. She did not compete in the required 12 events with the same partner over the course of one year, so she will be considered as an alternate for this year’s games. “I want to be in tip-top shape so that I’m on that call list.” And staying in tip-top shape will not be difficult for Ms. Akers.


“By taking care of things that are in my control, like diet, fitness and hard work, I can eliminate them from the equation when it comes to facing my competition.”















22 Days nutrition bars: for healthy, on-the-go snack

Water bottle: 
drinking water a must

grocery bag:for when I pay a visit to my favorite “trifecto”: Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Sprouts

Lip gloss:
 a staple

Hair thing: 
always prepared to break a sweat

Kaenon sunglasses: for keeping the glare at bay on the beach

Day planner: 
for scheduling workouts, rehab, meal plans

because you never know


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