Falling in love with a rescue dog dictates Dr. Andrew Lim’s move to a stunning South Bay home.

Dr. Andrew Lim purchased his house in Hermosa Beach because of the backyard. A rescue dog named Tasha stole Andrew’s heart at the shelter, so space to accommodate them both drove his real estate decision. Fortunately, Jon Starr designed the house, so Andrew ended up with a spectacular new companion in an exquisite new home.

An orthopaedic surgeon, Andrew attended university in the ivy-clad, traditional architecture of the East Coast, where substance and style transcend centuries and historical relevance is valued. When he relocated to the South Bay, Andrew lived in a Manhattan Beach townhome. However, “Tasha needed a yard, and I was ready to move toward a more permanent and less congested lifestyle,” says Andrew.  

Jon Starr was building the house with SRL Construction when Andrew first saw it. Although the floors were covered and Andrew could not see all of the finishes, he was smitten with the light and views the house provided. When he looked through the massive windows and saw a great backyard below, he was sold.

Jon has an innate ability to create tactile spaces that are at once contemporary yet rich with a nod to a previous era. Andrew’s house is no exception in that marriage of hard and soft, old and new.

The polished, stucco walls emanate depth, while the light, wide, oak plank floors yield strength. How-ever, it is the reclaimed barn wood on the walls that both physically and psychologically solidifies this house. The old wood starkly placed next to soaring plate glass windows and an oxidized metal fireplace surround make the perfect union of modern and historical typically found only in restored 19th-century barns back East.

Andrew has many passions and interests, and he has found a place to explore all of them in his new home. An avid guitarist, his collection of guitars hangs on the plank walls of the living room. In one simple but sweeping gesture, any guest immediately understands that the owner has both practical sense and artistic sensibility.

Interior designer Noelle Parks blended contemporary furnishings to create an inviting and comfortable space. Additionally, “I brought in a lot of large plants, because I like the connection between indoors and outdoors,“ says Andrew.

“I cook a lot,” he notes, and the kitchen is a chef’s dream. A massive center island anchors the kitchen, while a wall of sliding glass doors opens to reveal an outdoor living space, the yard and the expansive view beyond.  

The bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs have space and light, while Andrew’s office floats in a corridor with the same terrific views. Throughout the house, furnishings are minimal but sufficient.
The downstairs further defines Andrew’s interests. A beautiful wine cellar is in the delightful process of being filled. An avid golfer, Andrew has devoted one entire room to a gym where he can lift weights or analyze his golf swing.

Currently he’s trying to finish his “man cave.” A fantasy football addict, Andrew has equipped his downstairs family room with three flat-screen televisions so he can watch all of the games at once. However, it’s clear that Andrew has many interests, because one corner of the room contains a large easel where a blank canvas waits for the artist to begin.
Fortunately for Tasha, this large family room has retractable, large glass doors so the whole room can be exposed to outdoor living. While Andrew keeps track of football plays on the screens, Tasha creates her own moves in her big backyard. For Andrew and Tasha, their new home in Hermosa is a great place to play. •


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