Apples to Apples

Not all apple pies are created equal. Just ask these South Bay moms who sampled a variety of fine apple pies served locally.




Mayer’s Bakery

Rolling Hills Estates

Jonna: Very tart with the right about of sweetness and cinnamon. The crust was flaky and perfect.
Jennifer: The lattice top was beautiful.
Cheri: It reminds me of a pie you would see in a children’s book!

Average Score (10 the highest): 8


Cake Bakeshop

Manhattan Beach

Jennifer: Nicely done crumble top.
Cheri: The crust is good but really sweet.
Jonna: The apples were great with the skin on. Cool texture.

Average Score (10 the highest): 7


Lido Bakery

Manhattan Beach

Jennifer: Wow, that volcano top was cool!
Cheri: This looks more like art than food.
Jonna: Not too sweet or tart.

Average Score (10 the highest): 7


Hermosa Pie & Cake Company

Hermosa Beach

Cheri: Beautiful sliced apples. Very large! The crust looks rustic and delicious.
Jennifer: Apples are sweet and juicy and melted in my mouth.
Jonna: Very natural, organic and pleasing.

Average Score (10 the highest): 7


The Judges:

Jonna Werts

Mom and owner of Walk & Wag Southbay, Redondo Beach


Jennifer Buchsbaum

Mom, Sandpiper and jewelry designer,Hermosa Beach


Cheri Leone

Mom, Redondo Beach