Art of Giving

The South Bay’s Dr. Murad lends his artistic talents to a unique charity event.

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    Lee Roberts

In 2008, Manhattan Beach’s Dr. Howard Murad, world-renowned leader in skincare science, underwent eye surgery that would unexpectedly spawn a new artistic trajectory. Forced to keep his head down during more than a month of recovery, Murad was inspired to pick up a paintbrush and rediscover a joy of painting. Though he has taken art courses before, Dr. Murad had never pursued it as a hobby. “Painting not only helped me fill the time at home but also opened up a whole new world for me to discover,” he shares.

Despite a busy schedule, Dr. Murad can’t seem to put the paintbrush down, finding time to create art because he simply loves to do it. “I prefer to paint in front of an audience, encouraging the people in front of me to discuss what they like, what they would add, and to inspire others to find their own passion that they could enjoy,” he says. “Other times I paint outdoors on my patio at home when my mood calls for it.”

Vibrant color splashes grace Dr. Murad’s canvases, a celebration of the joy, happiness and inspiration he finds in his daily life. “When it comes to making art, I don’t over-think the project or stress about the final outcome,” he says. “I let the canvas dictate the end result and find inspiration in the things and people around me while I’m creating. It’s the randomness and ambiguity that lead to the beautiful end result.”

On October 27, Dr. Murad will welcome the South Bay to bid on his work and raise funds for their favorite charities. The second annual Art of Giving will commence at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center from 6 to 9 p.m., building on last year’s successful outing that registered more than 70 local charities and raised more than $25,000. More than 30 paintings will be on display, in addition to food, beverages and silent auction items.

In addition to this yearly event, Dr. Murad recently established the Murad Family Foundation, supporting philanthropic projects that promote inclusive health, the doctor’s personal approach to total health and wellness, in education and action.

“I have a saying, ‘Why have a bad day, when you can have a good day?’” he says. “It is our hope that this foundation will help empower people around the planet to choose a better, healthier day for themselves.”

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