Ask Erin

South Bay mom and design entrepreneur Erin Condren answers our readers’ holiday queries.

My husband is Jewish, and I was raised Lutheran. We get a tree, but I don’t want to overdo it with red and green. Any suggestions?

Erin Condren: I love to have a colorful Christmas that is not limited to the traditional red and green theme. We decorate with ornaments of all colors and recently found this darling tree skirt for pizazz beneath the presents.

To flock or not to flock?

EC: We never had a flocked tree growing up, but now I LOVE the flocked option! It never has to be watered (bonus!), and it gives me the feeling of a white Christmas that we don’t have in sunny Southern California.

I do the shopping and ask my husband to help with wrapping, but the gifts never look as nice as if I did them myself. Help!

EC: We are all busy juggling work and family life. I have a new “gift box briefcase” that can hopefully help. Stylish, yet so simple, the gifts practically wrap themselves. No tissue, no tape, no measuring,
no waste … and reusable! Guys will love these boxes too!

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