Babysitter’s Club

Meet the Uber for on-demand child care.


In the era of iPhone accessibility, nearly everything is a finger’s touch away … ride service, groceries, dates, you name it. So when SoCal resident Sean Greene couldn’t find a sitter one evening, he started to ruminate on an idea.

Driving through his neighborhood, he thought of the dozens of potential sitters at home on their couches who would probably rather be making money and watching his kids, but he had no way of reaching them. A year later he launched Bambino.

With an easy mobile app, parents can find, book and pay trusted local sitters—all connected to them through friends and neighbors.

Here in the South Bay, Brenda Randall acts as the region’s community manager. She lives in Manhattan Beach with her husband and three children.

Because of the service’s hyper-local nature, there’s an added layer of trust and comfort for caring parents. After downloading the free app and creating a profile, parents simply enter details for when they need a sitter, preview the available sitters and choose the best one for the job.

Bambino also tracks the duration of the sit, and once the job is done parents pay  the sitter right through the app. And because every sitter on Bambino is parent-recommended, each new recommendation helps the next parent who needs to find a trusted sitter.

“Already, Bambino is becoming a major part of families’ lives,” says Sean. “As Bambino reintroduces flexibility into busy parents’ lives, they are finding opportunities to use the app multiple times a week, with durations ranging from a couple of hours to a full day. It’s a really exciting indication that our modernized approach to sitting is resonating with the community.”