Barbra Horowitz

This fashionable resident shares her styling tricks with a new South Bay crowd.

Barbra likes to think the South Bay found her by way of an online date from “I figured if I could order a pizza online, finding the right guy might mean a different zip code than Hollywood.” Adjusting to the new beach trends around her, the successful stylist says the street is her biggest teacher. “I really subscribe to a ‘care/don’t care’ attitude within my styling,” she says. “I hope to pass that on to the residents in the South Bay, as getting dressed can be effortless, comfortable and still super-beach chic.

Barbra recalls how the people around her inspired the decision to become a professional stylist. “My cousin Betsy came to me one day, explaining, ‘Barbra, I feel good on the inside, I want to match it up on the outside. Can you help me with that thing you do in the closets?’ I answered, ‘The family parlor tricks?’ My mom has been selling her and our clothing way before eBay, and moving furniture and cutting up clothing were sort of the family mantra,” she shares. “Add in my father owning a high-end menswear store at a discount. Watching a tailor custom-fit suits didn’t hurt my understanding for fit as one of the most important elements of style.”

According to Barbra, simply style and fashion are about development—what you don’t know, learn, and what you do know, teach. “This is how the family parlor tricks became a business and a book by Sterling Press called Closet Control,” she says.

What’s Barbra keeping her eye on this fall? Short and breathy dresses. “I was never one to show my legs, but moving to the beach helped me get in shape,” she says. “Pair the dress with big, cozy sweaters and ballet flats or a shorter, boxy jacket. If you are like me and over 40, allowing your body to breathe in your middle is the biggest style tip I can give!”

SOUTH BAY CHIC: Barbra’s wearing head-to-toe South Bay fashion in her profile image. Her black Vince leather quilted jacket is from Double Take in Hermosa. “The fanny pack is perfect for the beach-goer or busy mom who wants super-stylish and chic.” The vintage art deco necklace is from Ivy Blue in Manhattan Beach. “Wearing necklaces with a vintage vibe that hit your sternum is a big trend and easy to do with any relaxed outfit,” she says.