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Charles Lushear

“Each concept is inspired by everyday experiences … much like how a comedian writes his or her material,” shares Charles Lushear of his woodwork creations. “I reimagine objects that we interact with on a daily basis but tailor them on a different scale, oftentimes with a new, functional purpose and always handmade with beautiful materials.”

His Lifeguard Stand Doghouse playfully combines and celebrates two things that bring happiness to most people living in the South Bay: pets and the beach. He says that every line and angle was designed as an almost exact replica of the iconic Los Angeles lifeguard stand, with a few exceptions made to lend itself to the nature of dogs.

“I prefer a clear view of the dog from across the yard, so I moved the ramp from the side to the center, preventing the railing from blocking the entrance,” he adds. “This allowed energy to flow freely inside from out.”

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About the Artist:

The functional Nintendo controller coffee table put Charles on the map as a furniture designer. Originally from New Jersey, he spent countless hours playing video games with friends in the ‘80s and discovered an army of people who can joyfully relate to the same experience in their adulthood with this piece. He brings that same whimsy and creativity to all his Bohemian Workbench creations.




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