Bloume baby

“We believe that every little bit counts when it comes to living green, and even the smallest changes make a big impact.”

451 Manhattan Beach Blvd., D122 |  (Metlox Center) in Manhattan Beach  |  310-802-8000  |

With both parents as entrepreneurs, it was a natural progression for Annie Totten to open her own company. She spent years working in the corporate retail world before launching Bloume baby as an online retail business in 2009. Annie has always been passionate about a healthy lifestyle, and with her background in baby, maternity and children’s merchandising, it was the perfect fit. In addition to the website, Bloume baby is now an eco-chic store run by Annie and her business partner, Caitlin Andrews. The store and website carry baby and toddler products that are all organic or eco-friendly. Annie’s children participate in the family business by modeling for the website and testing the company’s products.

Tell us what you love about your business.

“The way we live our life flows straight into our business, and with two kids under the age of 4, I could honestly be my own best customer. I love fashion and retail, and being able to offer that in a non-toxic, eco-friendly, stylish way simply makes me happy.”

What is your hope for the future—generations to come—for your company?

“Whether my children decide to go into the business of retail or not, I hope they have the mission of Bloume baby instilled deeply in them. The whole purpose of creating our company was to foster a healthier world for our children to grow up in.”

What’s most rewarding about your work?

“We love educating; I speak at various mom’s groups, private events and corporations with tips to creating a healthier, less toxic lifestyle.”

In what ways do you provide top-notch customer service?

“We offer a complete online registry program for expecting moms, which is easily set up and managed at any time by our clients. Since education and product awareness are at our core, our sales staff spends a great deal of time learning the details and benefits of the products we carry.”

How do you give back to your community?

“Giving back is integral to who we are, so we have worked with local schools and non-profits on fundraising, and our main channel for giving back is Healthy Child Healthy World, a nationally recognized non-profit whose mission mirrors that of Bloume baby: to create a healthier environment for children.”

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