Call of the Wild

Get on board with Terranea Resort’s nature nurturer, Lauren Bergloff.

What makes the Terranea property perfectly situated for the activities and expeditions you provide? 

Terranea is a “land not so far away.” I love that we are in Los Angeles County, but as soon as you step foot on our property you instantly feel like you are very far away from everything. In my opinion, the property is on some of the most beauti – ful coastline in Southern California. We have a beach cove that is perfect to launch kayaks and stand-up paddle – boards out of. The kelp for – est right off our coast is now a thriving ecosystem that you can watch right from your paddleboard or kayak. We are right down the road from Abalone Cove, which is one of the best places to explore the tide pools. Our native plant trails are per – fect for hiking. 

Is there an expedition or activity you’re particularly fond of at Terranea?

My favorite activity that I lead through pointe discovery is the Tide Pool Adventure. The Tide Pool Adventure allows guests to explore Abalone Cove Preserve and not only hike but explore deeply! Because it is a protected area, guests are able to see what the Palos Verdes coastline truly looks like. Another favorite activity of mine is the StandUp Paddleboard Tour. I went during the gray whale migration last year and was able to get up close and personal with a gray whale right outside the kelp forest! It was magical. 

You often get the opportunity to share your passion for nature with children. What is the best part about working with kids?

My favorite part about working with kids is that they are honest. Kids usu – ally don’t pretend to be hav – ing fun, so you know when they are truly enjoying an activity! I love answering all of their questions and instilling a love of nature in them. I believe that if you love something, you will truly want to protect it. I also love getting kids outdoors and off technology. My favorite thing to experience is when kids are shocked that they can have so much fun outside in nature. 

With so many exciting adventures and beautiful times to enjoy at Terranea, what recommendations do you have for families looking to make the most of their time at the resort?

I highly recommend book – ing their adventures in advance to make sure they are able to experience as many as possible! Depend – ing on the season, Terranea offers a different experi – ence. The winter provides smaller crowds, beautiful sunsets and beautiful green – ery along the native plant trail. The spring is won – derful because of the gray whale migration and bloom – ing flowers. The summer is an obvious choice with great weather and longer days. For some reason, the fall has to be my favorite. The crowds die down a little bit, the weather is almost always a perfect sunny day, and the ocean water is the warmest of the year. 

As someone who likes to explore, is there anything that gives you pause, or are you one of those people who jumps into adventures with full gusto?

The one thing that I am terrified of is spiders. One time I was in Mexico and our tour guide was about to take us into a cave, but he warned us that huge spiders lived on the walls. Needless to say, I did not go into the cave. I’m pretty much open to any other adventures that don’t involve spiders. 

What’s your most perfect day at Terranea (aside from it not involving spiders)?

My perfect day at Terranea would be leading a morning hike, an afternoon Tide Pool tour and an afternoon bike ride. On the morning hike we would walk around the prop – erty, head toward the light – house, whale-watch from the Pointe Vicente Interpretive Center and then hike back to Terranea. The afternoon bike ride would start on property and head up the coastline toward Lunada Bay and return along the same route. I love busy days that keep me active. 

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