Camille Anderson

Producer. Actress. Model Parent.

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    Cassidy Strawn

Camille Anderson has had her fair share of adventures. From bungee jumping to skydiving to living out of a suitcase, she now faces a whole new sort of adventure: motherhood. With 18-month-old Brooklyn, Camille has gained a whole new sense of fulfillment. Most of all, she has learned that you really can have it all. 

With a model figure and many fitness photo shoots under her belt, Camille’s pregnancy weight proved to be one of her biggest challenges. “I’ve always been really fit, and when I was pregnant I gained 60 pounds,” she laughs. “I left the hospital after I gave birth, and I was still plus 60. I thought I would drop like 20 pounds in the hospital!” 

After getting home from the hospital, she researched nutrition and came up with a new lifestyle plan to help her lose the weight. Rather than choose a fad diet, she stuck to all organic, preservative-free foods. She also learned to work out without going to a gym—a luxury she rarely had with a new baby. Her workouts of choice include running up and down the hills of Manhattan Beach with the stroller or popping in an exercise DVD while Brooklyn is napping. “I’ve just learned to get creative,” she says.

Camille recently inked a 12-episode distribution deal with for “Mommy Chic with Camille”—a series dedicated to all things baby. As a new mom, she understands the importance of not stressing too much on how life will work out with a child. Rather, she tries to stay happy in the moment. 

“It’s possible to be a wonderful mom and be amazing at your job and be the best partner,” she says. “It takes being fulfilled in many areas to be a happy person.”

Although she will continue to work, motherhood has made her much more selective of the jobs she takes. Before the baby, she would be open to traveling and working lengthy hours, but now she works mostly part-time and tries to stay local. “My time is much more valuable, and I really cherish all the time that I have with my daughter.”


“For me, the first couple years with a child are so intense as a parent—in a good way. I’ve really wanted to be here every step of the way work as well.”