Catalina Avenue South

The commercial main drag of Redondo’s Riviera Village meets Palos Verdes Drive with a bang.

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    Darren Elms

I’ll admit it. The crisscrossing streets west of PCH in Riviera Village still get the best of my typically strong directional prowess. Someday, I’ll get the hang of the triangle, Esplanade and everything in between. Until then, I’m turning west on Palos Verdes Drive and making a sharp right on Catalina Avenue.

This popular thoroughfare shines as a true mix of favorites, from South Bay staples to new and improved offerings.

In the classic category, there’s Coffee Cartel (1), the local favorite filled with well-worn sofas, assorted games and the aroma of delicious java. (1820 S. Catalina Ave.)

If a cold, house-made brew is more your speed, head next door to Redondo Beach Brewing Co. (2) for a couple beers and a hickory burger on the patio. (1814 S. Catalina Ave.)

The ladies of Fringe (3) have the corner market on seaside furnishings in their perfectly appointed store at Vista Del Mar. (1806 S. Catalina Ave.)

Across the street, two other women have hit a homerun with their boutiques. Carolina Hartigan’s Alandrea (4) has been a proprietor of chic women’s fashion for more than a decade (1809 Catalina Ave.), while sister Veronica Maguire put her stamp on the avenue with the adorable Lollipop: A Children’s Boutique (5). (1813 S. Catalina Ave.)

And just next door, you can even get your new purchase packaged, thanks to card and wrapping paper outlet Wrapsody (6). (1815 S. Catalina Ave.)

The new kid on the block is The Catalina Cooking Store (7), a blue-and-white storefront with dozens of kitchen favorites filling the windows. Owner Don Koeberele got the inspiration for the store after visiting Tyler Florence’s retail depot in Mill Valley. Lucky for us … Thanksgiving’s looking extra delicious this year. (1915 S. Catalina Ave.)


Emile Henry 9” Pie Dish

The Catalina Cooking Store,

Night Owl

3 shots of espresso, coffee,
cocoa and whipped cream
Coffee Cartel, 310-316-6554

Petunia Pickle Bottom “Strolling in St. Germain” City Carryall

Lollipop: A Children’s
Boutique, 310-375-8787