Charles Fisher 28

Manhattan Beach
Agent at Shorewood Realtors

How I keep in shape:

I have a good mix of workouts and sports I am involved in: Muay Thai, trail runs/mud runs, surfing, soccer, beach and indoor volleyball, paddling, lifting, and Pilates at formu+La in Manhattan Beach.


What gets me motivated:

That feeling I have after I finish whichever sport or workout I am doing. It also comes from the progress I make and the sense of accomplishment that follows. With nutrition, it comes down to the enjoyment I have cooking as well as self-preservation.


What I eat:

Growing up, my parents always had us eating very healthy, which is now a high priority with my health and fitness. I cook a lot of my meals and make sure to keep them well-balanced and as organic as I can. I do not take many supplements but do take daily vitamins and juice frequently. 


How I deal with health challenges:

I have been blessed with no major health challenges, broken bones or surgeries. When I have any strains, tears or fractures, I make sure to rest the injury and strengthen the areas around it.


Why my health matters:

Staying healthy and active, to me, is extremely important because it affects your entire life. I am more productive and have more energy, plus it reduces illnesses and makes life more enjoyable. These days we are surrounded with so many processed or modified foods, it can be hard to eat healthy and stick to it. Proper maintenance of anything is known to extend its life and function. I feel the same when it comes to my mind and body.


Words of wisdom:

“Once you stop learning, you start dying.” 

– Albert Einstein


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