Cinematic Scent

An aura of yesteryear with Krigler Perfumes

Many of today’s celebrities endorse perfumes and colognes, some branding the product around their own identity. Fantasy by Britney Spears, anyone?

But in the past, the connection between an icon and his or her signature fragrance was much more than dollars and a marketing campaign. Rather, that kinship sought to capture an essence much greater than the contents of the bottle. It truly embodied the spirit of he or she who wore it. 

Such was the case with Krigler, a perfume house born of a chemist from Berlin and built on the prestige of St. Petersburg, Russia, at the turn of the century. By the 1920s, Krigler relocated to the South of France, and soon trendsetters along the French Riviera made the blends famous.

F. Scott Fitzgerald wore Lieber Gustav 14; Marlene Dietrich once gifted Cary Grant with Blue Escapade 24; Audrey Hepburn wore English Promenade 19 during the filming of Roman Holiday; and Grace Kelly discovered Chateau Krigler 12 while shooting To Catch a Thief in Cannes.

Following a few dormant decades, a fourth generation of Krigler perfumers revived the business and opened an outpost at The Plaza hotel in New York City. In addition to a new headquarters in Berlin, the fashionable Four Seasons Beverly Hills features a dedicated Krigler store in the lobby, where all the intoxicating scents are available to sample—a full-circle moment for a perfume company enjoying a starry Hollywood story arc. 

Charming California 215 opens with a celebration of coriander and orange blossom, combining Japanese green tea with captivating Italian bergamot and invigorating Guatemalan cardamom. Blooming with rich Brazilian jasmine, it transitions into a smooth and warm finish of Californian cedar wood.