Close Knit

A stylish Redondo Beach hub draws South Bay residents with
a passion for knitting.

The old adage that it is better to give than to receive takes on new meaning as we start to ask ourselves, ‘Why did I even bother?’” shares Karen Damskey of gifting with knitting. “We bother because we want to share our love and our passion. We spent those same hours that we were knitting also thinking about the recipient. Our caring was carefully knitted into that gift.”

In 1978, Karen became the owner of L’Atelier, which operates an outlet in both Redondo Beach and Santa Monica. A haven for knitters–both veterans and newcomers–L’Atelier features custom designs, pattern charting and finishing services. They also provide custom knitting for those who want the final product but don’t have time to pick up needles. “We offer on-the-spot help on projects purchased from our stores and do so with lots of TLC,” notes Karen.

Like any new endeavor, Karen says you just need to start. “Knitting can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be,” she says. “We often begin a journey with one expected destination, only to find ourselves drawn down another path. Knitting–like life–involves choice, determination, flexibility and lots of romance. It is truly a metaphor for life.”

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