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Sutha Sachar, MD, Owner


3440 Lomita Blvd., Suite 420 | Torrance | 310-953-3269 |

Services Offered: Screening colonoscopy, upper endoscopy, capsule endoscopy, nutritional counseling, integrative gastroenterological medicine, medically supervised weight loss


Tell us about your background.

“I have been practicing medicine (integrative gastroenterology) for almost four years, combining the best of Eastern and Western medicine. After my training, I returned to California, where I practiced at Cedars Sinai and Beverly Hills. With the birth of my fourth child (out of five), we moved our family to the South Bay and have since been practicing in Torrance for three incredible years. I am affiliated with Cedar’s Sinai Hospital and Little Company of Mary in the South Bay. I have made many media appearances as an expert in my field, including on The Doctors, HealthWatch, CBSLA, The Test, Home & Family, the Hallmark Channel, Peninsula People, KCAL9 and Pasadena Star-News. i have been the spokesperson for great natural products like Metamucil and probiotics throughout the country. I am grateful for every opportunity that my past in medicine has provided, and enjoy sharing with my patients the love I have for my career—but more importantly the love I have for them!”

What is your #1 piece of advice to those who plan to choose health care as their career path?

“I am grateful I have been able to practice medicine and would advise any future health care professionals to follow their dreams, no matter what difficulties or adversity they might encounter. Practicing medicine is not an easy endeavor, but with the appropriate drive and motivation, you can overcome any obstacle, starting you in a career that touches the lives of people every day! I can’t imagine myself in any other field. I truly love driving to work every day, and talking to patients is one of the highlights of my day. Everyone has an interesting story, and I’m grateful that they allow me into their world: strengths and weaknesses.”

To what do you contribute your practice’s growth?

“I contribute my practice’s growth to incorporating nutrition and patient health as a whole. This integrative approach has allowed us to treat patients in a way that can be individually catered to their unique lives.”

What does the future hold for your practice?

“I feel the future holds tremendous growth for my practice because of our treatment model, which incorporates wellness as a fundamental component rather than an extra service. This offers a sense of relief to my patients, knowing any issues are being addressed before they become problematic for their health, and their appreciation is shown through all of their friends and families that have been referred to my office. Keeping this model, we are confident that our patient satisfaction, and in turn base, will continue to grow and my practice to thrive.”

What is unique about your style and technique?

“What makes my practice unique is that I focus on personalized medicine, which in turn focuses on prevention. I look at each patient as an individual blueprint to optimize treatment plans, allowing for an earlier diagnosis and intervention.”

Career Milestone

In the initial years of my career, I was in large gastroenterology groups where patients were just known by their diagnosis rather than as individuals. My “career milestone” was when I realized that I refused to practice medicine in a “robotic” way, but rather I take the extra time to get to know my patients and understand what is really bothering them and how we can improve their symptoms naturally with diet and nutrition. This empowers them to understand  the importance of healing from within as well.

Off the Clock with Dr. Sachar

As a mother of five children, I am now the “master” of time management, but more importantly, my kids have allowed me to develop a nurturing mentality that I bring with me to the office every day. My family and home life are the backbone that keeps me driven to constantly better my practice and myself. I am so incredibly grateful for the happiness that my family has brought into my life, and I make it my purpose to bring this love and share it with all the patients I see during day.


“My practice’s strength is to treat every patient differently based on their past experiences, surrounding environment and personal beliefs.”

Practice Specialty

I am a Double Board-Certified Gastroenterologist.

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