College Prep

Back to school already? We’re just getting into our summer groove. Nonetheless, many South Bay college students are packing the books and comforters before driving or flying to campus dorms all over the country, some for the very first time. We asked a handful of local collegiate types what they miss most about the South Bay when miles away from home.

“The beach and the sunshine.”

Franceska Bellas | Hometown: El Segundo | School: Incoming freshman at the University of Oregon


“My family, good Mexican food and the ocean.”

William Michael Sayers | Hometown: Redondo Beach | School: University of Pittsburgh

“My mom’s cooking. Walking into downtown Manhattan Beach for a Starbucks with my friends and people watching. Riding my bike on The Strand. The annual Christmas fireworks.”

Samantha Batkin | Hometown: Manhattan Beach | School: Purdue University

“Going to the beach whenever I want … and expecting decent weather.”

Nicholas Ensbury | Hometown: Manhattan Beach | School: Incoming freshman at University of Washington (LEFT)

“The sun!”

Anthony Ensbury | Hometown: Manhattan Beach | School: Incoming freshman at Princeton University (RIGHT)

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