Color Story

Inspired by a vibrant palette discovered while living in Phillip’s native Germany, the Stephanus family asked friend and interior designer Valerie Sartini to introduce a bold color spectrum to their Manhattan Beach home.


Mimi Stephanus loves color and gave Valerie that direction from the start. “We ended up with yellow, orange and purple as the primary palette,” says the designer. “Some pieces, fabric and art we found together; some I found and recommended to her.” The orange serpentine sofa in the family room is by Haptor Barrett. Jon Grauman of Manhattan Beach designed and fabricated several pieces for the home, including the patina copper and glass shelving in the living room, several pieces of furniture and the glass façade for the fireplace in the family room. The green silk daybed in the living room is by Donghia.


“Because Val has worked with our family for so long and has a family of her own, she really knows what works,” shares Mimi. “She knew what our family needed when the kids were young, but she also looked ahead, selecting themes and pieces with an eye toward the future.”
Adds Valerie (pictured with the couple, below), “I think the home is a great representation of how design can really work for a family in a very relaxed and functional way. This is a really active, social family with three kids who are involved in a lot of activities—they aren’t formal. This home reflects their fun and easygoing personalities, and it has style and sophistication. This is their concept of the lifestyle they really enjoy in the South Bay.”

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