Coming Home

After a decade away, a local woman returns to the South Bay to raise her son.

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    Cristina Fadale

I am a born-and-bred South Bay girl who grew up with big dreams. Those dreams allowed me to travel abroad, tour Europe and even take a bite out of the Big Apple on the Broadway stage.

As a young adult I thought I knew everything. I was fearless, driven and independent until the thought of raising a child came into play. I felt I knew a lot about a lot of things, but raising a kid was not one of them.

When the time came to raise my own child, there was only one place I could imagine doing it … HOME, here in the South Bay. There is something to be said about your roots, and luckily I grew up in an amazing place.

I have wonderful memories of growing up in South Torrance. I attended great schools, made lifelong friends and was a certified beach bum. Now I can pass all those things and more along to my son.

I remember the joy of spending my summers at the beach, the excitement at Christmas when I heard Santa come down my street and the Christmas lights on Candy Cane Lane.

Now I get a chance to relive those exact experiences with my boy, watching it all unfold again but through his eyes. It’s kind of like having déjà vu.

The obvious benefit of raising my son where I grew up is the close-knit community of family and friends. It really does take a village. My son gets to develop a close relationship with the people who mean the most to me.  

I cannot express how special it is to share the experience of parenting with some of my oldest and closest friends. To watch my son create special friendships with their children is mind-blowing.

As we sit back and watch our kids, we share a lot of laughs. We imagine our kids in the future creating the same mischief we did back in the day and sentimentally lament about our kids one day getting married. It is priceless.

My son, Luca, is only 7½ years old, and I want him to have the same opportunities to venture out into the world as I did. He has the soul of an explorer, but no matter where he goes, I can only hope that he too will find his way back home just like his old Mom did.

Seriously, the world outside the South Bay is amazing, but there is nothing quite like the beauty and charm of this place we call HOME.

Cristina lives in Redondo Beach with her son, Luca. She has a BA from LMU, retired from the world of entertainment and now works for Mattel in girls product development.