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K. FAIR DESIGN | Ryan Held & Kelsey Fair

2020 Perry Ave., Redondo Beach

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Describe the featured project

After moving from Switzerland, this family purchased a Spanish-style home and hired K.Fair Design to redesign their pool, outdoor kitchen and landscape areas. K.Fair Design presented them with multiple animated 3-D renderings and teamed up with Outdoor Hardscapes to make it a reality. The pool and courtyard bookend the main living area, so refreshing black-and-white tiles were selected to modernize and unify these spaces. A lush tropical garden enhances the simple lines of the pool, and a bright limestone patio brings light into the heart of the home.

What’s the most important thing for readers to know about you and your firm?

  1. Fair Design has a mission to enliven Southern California living by creating engaging outdoor spaces. We strive to work with our clients in a way that brings them joy and ease through the use of highly visual presentations. These help show the proposed projects from different angles so the most creative and intelligent solutions can be achieved.

Tell us about a creative solution you had for a recent challenge.

Most of our recent projects have focused on an economy of space. Our most creative solutions allow South Bay families to maximize their home’s square footage. Recent designs have included pool equipment concealed underground, built-in seating that triples as storage and stairs, and hidden reading nooks in otherwise unused parts of the yard.

How do you convince clients to step outside their comfort zone and take a risk?

When options are presented in 3-D, what was once a risky design decision becomes a sure thing. For our featured project, the black-and-white courtyard tile was a bold move as it’s seen from almost every room of the home, but once the client saw the rendering they fell in love.

How does technology make your job easier and your work better?

Technology allows our clients to experience their new space before it is built. Each client receives a customized website, which allows for smooth collaboration and exploration of new and exciting ideas.


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  1. Paula Dowd says:

    So cool! What an amazing and creative concept. Love it😁

  2. momma verd says:

    So good. 👊🏽

  3. Reinhild Flascha says:

    Great concept

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