Cookie Monster

Which local cookie is good enough to leave for Santa? We asked three kids to taste-test a few chocolate chip cookies for him.

Hermosa Beach
Jackson: Hard and crispy.
Josie: It is perfection.
Lexi: I think Santa would enjoy it.
Average Score: 8.7
Manhattan Beach
Josie: All I could taste was chocolate chips.
Jackson: I’d eat this one again.
Lexi: There wouldn’t be any left for Santa.
Average Score: 8

Redondo Beach
Jackson: Tastes buttery and gingery
Josie: It was hard on the outside but soft on the inside.
Lexi: It is just right for my liking.
Average Score: 7.7

Extra Credit:
Cake Bakeshop

Sea Salt Chocolate Chip A bit too salty for the kids, but adult-approved!





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