Curt Siverts

Commercial Diver.

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    Stefan Slater

A typical workday for Curt Siverts, owner of Undersea Graphics, Inc., usually involves cruising along the seafloor in his appropriately yellow, homemade submarine, Snooper II, while performing a diverse array of undersea tasks: from inspecting oil pipes to hunting for gold-laden shipwrecks like the S.S. Brother Jonathan.

Curt’s underwater career began when his father, Don, began toying with the idea of building his own sub. A commercial diver by trade and a passionate waterman at heart, Don was always looking for a way to spend as much time underwater as humanly possible.

He partnered with Bob Meistrell and Bill Meistrell, co-founders of Body Glove, to assist him with a unique project: building his own submarine. In 1969, Don launched the Snooper (now referred to as The Original Snooper), and a lifelong passion for undersea exploration was born.

“Basically, it was a hobby that turned into a business,” says Curt. After his father passed in 2008, Curt inherited the family commercial diving business, as well as the Snooper II—an unfinished, two-man sub. Curt completed the submarine, building most of it himself, and he launched it in 2010.

Yet the sub is more than just a tool for Curt; it provides a wonderful means of witnessing, firsthand, the vivid beauty of the ocean, which is something that he eagerly shares with his wife and five children. He also thoroughly enjoys the personal freedom that the sub offers for him and his entire family.

“I like , because no matter how rough it is up top, it’s perfectly quiet underwater,” shares Curt. “It’s like a time machine; you hear the engines and the wind, and then you close the latch and it’s so peaceful and quiet.”

Curt pursues different avenues of marine work for his company, landing various consultation jobs for Hollywood—including assisting piloting vessels in several of the Pirates of the Caribbean films.