David Konwiser

For architect David Konwiser, travel was part of his identity from an early age.

For architect David Konwiser, travel was part of his identity from an early age.

Born in San Jose to a Costa Rican mother and American father, he relocated to Mexico as an infant before arriving in Manhattan Beach at the age of three. David stayed in the South Bay for nearly 30 years, taking a job at Gensler Architects, one of the world’s largest architectural firms. Then in 2002, he left for Costa Rica.

“I was always interested in getting back to my roots,” he shared. “Professionally, I saw a move as a real opportunity to design projects for the many Americans buying both vacation and retirement homes here. The tropical climate allows my buildings to blur the line between indoor and outdoor space.”

David wanted to create a business around an amazing piece of ocean- and jungle-view property he had purchased in Manuel Antonio, considered one of the most beautiful locations in Costa Rica. So he built a villa. Named Punto de Vista, or Point of View, the stunning multi-purpose venue can accommodate more than 100 guests, perfect for weddings or other special events. “The villa took almost three years to complete,” David noted. “Building six stories of steel, concrete, rock and glass on the outskirts of a primary forest teeming with monkeys, sloths and tropical birds was no simple task.”

David’s not the only former Manhattan Beach resident to make Costa Rica his home. Darren Remy, who is David’s age and ran in similar social circles, is chef at Kapi Kapi in Manuel Antonio. David said he makes it home to visit his father at least a couple times a year. “I love Costa Rica, but there’s no place like a nice sunset run on the strand in Manhattan Beach. But then again, my other home isn’t so bad either!” Check out Punto de Vista at puntodevistacr.com.