Deck the Halls

A Hermosa Beach house becomes a playground for all ages, all year long.

Land is a rare commodity in the South Bay, so when a large parcel on a major corner in Hermosa Beach became available, there were many interested parties. One fortunate buyer is a local family who was living in Manhattan Beach but desiring a backyard for their two sons. Today, the parents work from home while the boys have a virtual sports playground both inside and out.

From the Midwest, the owners desired a Craftsman-style home; however, the South Bay dictates outdoor living. Architect Doug Leach combined the two disparate styles to create a house that emanates a Caribbean feeling.

LuAnn Fabian of LuAnn Development built the house, and her job was made easier due to the collection of magazine photos the husband had amassed. He knew exactly what he wanted, from the overall style of the house down to the door design in his wife’s closet.

The Caribbean feeling starts at the front of the house with the Dutch door design, but it is well-integrated with the abundance of Craftsman architectural details on the exterior of the home. The Craftsman influences continue inside the foyer on the paneling and in the moldings and stair banisters. 

From the foyer, the house spills open into one large room. The huge gourmet kitchen with multiple seating areas anchors one end of the room, while the other end is the family room.

With doors that retract across the back of the house, the mood immediately shifts to that of a Hawaiian hotel lobby, due to the pounding sound of the water raining over the pool from the pergola fountain just outside the family room. Although an apartment building was constructed on the parcel next to the house, the fountain effectively drowns any possible noise. Unfortunately, no land was left to plant trees to block the apartment view, but what was created is an outdoor playground that is not matched by many South Bay residences.

Seating areas surround a Jacuzzi, pool and pool bar. A large basketball court takes up the second half of the backyard, but the surface allows it to be used for a number of sports. An outside dining area is large, so there is ample seating when entertaining.

Inside, the playground atmosphere continues on the basement level, but it’s a playground for both youth and adults. High ceilings make the area feel large, and spaces have been carefully allocated to accommodate a wide number of sporting venues.

A Jumbotron hangs over the pool table, while an indoor golf simulator effectively creates a driving range. A view of Pebble Beach Golf Course has been superimposed over an outside wall to give viewers the impression that a golf course is right outside the window. A bar completes the visible sporting area. 


A handsome Christmas tree welcomes guests to the beautifully appointed living room.

The playground continues downstairs with a full gym complete with a massage table. A guest suite is tucked in the back corner of the house, so guests have their own reprieve from upstairs living.

The real treat downstairs is the home theatre—very similar to a Vegas-style sports betting room. With five large-screen televisions embedded across one wall, it’s possible to watch concurrent sporting events such as bowl games or horse races. Tiny lights twinkling on a dark ceiling, backlit marble countertops, stereo surround sound and multiple seating areas complete the nightclub atmosphere.

The final viewpoint downstairs is the wine cellar and tasting area. An alcove with a wall of glass doors houses suspended wine racks. The husband found the glass doors and wine racks in a restaurant sale—and they perfectly fit the area. Now not only do they have a visual focal point, they have a very tidy wine cellar. 

Carrie Quinn of Maison Luxe worked with the family to create the interiors. Rattan, large mercury glass lamps, a blue-and-white color scheme, and a zebra print are the ubiquitous hallmarks of South Bay interiors. Above the dining room table is a chandelier, commissioned by the husband and constructed from driftwood and shells with tiny LED lights interspersed. The blue-and-white theme continues in the dining room with familiar coral prints hung on blue walls.

The upper floor of the house is comprised of the family bedrooms and offices. The master suite is a study in serenity, with a cool palate of soft gray and white. The theme is carried into the beautiful master bathroom and elegant dressing room. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in the stone and tile work as well as the woodworking. The master bedroom balcony looks out over the pool.
Although the house is near one of the South Bay’s busiest roads, it does have an ocean view. A rooftop deck is just large enough to feature areas for seating and dining.

From top to bottom, this Hermosa Beach house yields entertainment for all ages. With ocean views at the top to Pebble Beach views at the bottom, entertainment takes the stage.

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