Dency Nelson

A longtime behind-the-scenes force at live television broadcasts, this
Hermosa resident brings his passion for the environment front and center.

It is impossible to be in Dency Nelson’s presence and not be charmed by his joie de vivre and infectious smile. To say he’s passionate seems cliché and somewhat inadequate.

Dency’s ardent political beliefs and fervent conviction to protect and preserve our planet run deep. Even among a group of partisan rivals, his charisma, positive nature, and knowledge of issues win over his staunchest adversaries. His enthusiasm is contagious and his unwavering principles admirable.

Dency is a successful television stage manager who has worked on countless award and variety shows for more than 30 years. His credits include the Academy Awards, Grammys, Olympic broadcasts, SNL, Kennedy Center Honors, President Obama’s Inaugural Celebration, and many more.

Dency is also a dedicated environmental and political activist. The seed for his life-long path of environmental awareness was planted when he was just a boy and saw the “Every Litter Bit Hurts” Ad Council PSA. Dency recalls, “It was an epiphany. Transformative in lots of ways. How does trash get there? One piece at a time. It inspired not only my environmental enthusiasm but my political beliefs.”

Dency adds, “In practice, all of my life, I’ve tried to be aware of sustainable living. Live simply so others can simply live.” He certainly walks the walk. He outfitted his home with solar panels, becoming the first net-meter customer in Hermosa, generating 50 to 60 percent of his own energy. He drives a RAV4 electric vehicle (EV). He co-founded Plug in America, an EV advocacy 501(c)(3) non-profit. He serves as chairman of the Hermosa Green Building Committee. In 2009, he was named LA County Demorat of the Year.

As Dency puts it, “Being environmentally conscious doesn’t have to be all gray, malaise, and sacrifice. It’s just changing behavior a little bit. It can be fun.”