Door To Door Valet Cleaners

“Trust is instrumental in gaining clients’ confidence—especially so when we are dealing with some of their most treasured garments.”

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What started as a simple delivery route in the beach cities has grown over the past two decades to a full-service dry cleaning, laundry and tailoring business with eight stores and a delivery area spanning Palos Verdes to the Pacific Palisades and as far east as Beverly Hills. Yasin and Yasmin Veera were long-time entrepreneurs with a background in the frozen food industry when they started Door To Door Valet Cleaners. Their sons, Sajid and Habib, held high school jobs in the dry cleaning industry and then joined the family business. Today Sajid and Habib handle the day-to-day operations and implement strategies and plans with the capable help of their wives, Shaheen and Molly. Yasin and Yasmin fill an advisory and strategic planning role. 

Do you and your family members spend time together outside of work?

“Lots! When you experience things together, they present opportunities to further align thought processes, discuss new ideas and products and hone skills. Shared experiences are shared learning opportunities.”

How does sharing common values with your family give you a competitive edge for your business?

“Most companies expend a lot of energy and resources trying to develop common values and then inculcate them across the board. Having common values to start with lets us expend our energy on developing different aspects of our business, and we don’t have to deal with competing ideas and thoughts on major components of our business.”

What is your hope for the future—generations to come—for your company?

“You never know what the future holds, but the next generation of Veeras will certainly learn what it takes to run a business—whether they choose to be in the business or not. We have growth strategies to keep us busy for a long time.”

How do you stay on top of the latest trends and advances in your field?

“We are strongly committed to the idea that you never stop learning and can never arrive at the place where you cannot further improve. We commit time and resources to constantly evaluate innovations in our industry and outside our industry that we could find a use for in our business.”