Downtown El Segundo

A city that prides itself on old-town charms

Visiting El Segundo’s commercial district is not unlike walking into a time capsule. With its vintage structures (including that beautiful public high school), sleepy vibe and small-town feel, it’s easy to get lost in the city’s straightforward sincerity. Although some of the businesses along Main Street and Richmond Street have turned over to newer operations in recent years, you can still find plenty of old favorites up and running. 

Originally built in 1921, Old Town Music Hall has been showing vintage silent and sound films to a willing audience for 45 years. The star of the show is the massive 1925 wind-powered pipe organ, meticulously preserved so silent classics can be experienced with live musical accompaniment, just like when they were first shown. (140 Richmond Street)

It may look like it’s been there for a century, but the Purple Orchid bar opened its doors a mere 12 years ago. You wouldn’t know from the impeccable tiki kitsch that’s pure ‘50s lounge. Do yourself a favor … sit at the bamboo bar, sip a Volcano Bowl and watch the day float away on an island breeze. (221 Richmond Street) 

Next door, Deluca Trattoria brings old Italy to the block with delicious plates of pasta, live entertainment and a romantic ambiance Dean Martin would approve of. (225 Richmond Street)

For the healthy-minded, Farm Stand has cornered the market with earthy edibles and an eco-friendly approach. Plus the lunch and dinner venue serves a nice selection of international beers and wines to pair with your green goodness. (422 Main Street)

Even if your diet is less than disciplined, you can get fit as a fiddle at nearby Pilates on Main, a small but formidable studio run by Angela Curren. (425½ Main Street) 



Crafty types would be amiss not to swing by The Slipt Stitch for all things knitting. They offer an amazing yarn selection and a number of classes for everyone from novice to full-time hobbyist. (421 Main Street)

Should you desire a cup of joe with your craft, you can’t beat the Blue Butterfly Coffee Co. Named after El Segundo’s beloved but endangered insect, this bustling joint proves coffee house culture is nowhere near extinct. (351 Main Street)


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The Slipt Stitch


Volcano Bowl

$18 or Mai Tai, $9

Purple Orchid


Ticket to Holiday Inn (1942)


Old Town Music Hall