Dr. Arthur C. Bartner

Dr. Bartner’s Rolling Hills Estates townhouse is a museum to his 40-year career at USC.

Dr. Bartner’s Rolling Hills Estates townhouse is a museum to his 40-year career at USC.

Photos with countless celebrities and a platinum album from the band’s recordings with Fleetwood Mac share space with wedding photos of his children, tiling the walls from floor to ceiling.

Prior to becoming director of the band in 1970, Dr. Bartner had never been to California, let alone USC. Redondo Beach seemed a great place for the Maplewood, New Jersey native to settle because “In New Jersey, going to the beach was the big thing. I thought it would be cool to live by the beach. Our first apartment was a mile from the ocean.”

A few years later, Dr. Bartner moved with his wife Barbara and their two children up to Palos Verdes, which was even better because it was “surrounded by water everywhere you go.” He’s lived there ever since. His daughter Debbie — who became a USC Song Girl — now resides nearby in Rancho Palos Verdes with her four children.

Life in Palos Verdes is Dr. Bartner’s retreat from LA’s fast pace and his demanding work as USC. He has given back to the community with music, bringing the band to play at local schools and the Peninsula Music Fair.

If you can’t stop by Dr. Bartner’s home to view the achievements of his four-decade career, you can attend the all-star concert and retrospective held in his honor on May 1 at USC’s Galen Center. He doesn’t expect to retire anytime soon, though, so expect to see him on the sidelines of the Coliseum and hanging out in the South Bay for a long time.

For more information on “The Man on the Ladder” concert on May 1, visit uscband.com.

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