Endless Summer

The sublime imagery of Leroy Grannis inspires a stylish outing with a handful of local teens.


ON HER (left):  L’Space strappy back halter, $68, and “The Lydia” bottom, $68; both at Diane’s Beachwear in Manhattan Beach. Odina surfer short, $65; Nikau Kai in Manhattan Beach. Greenlines “Eco Dobby Stretch Basque” shorts, $68: Nikau Kai in Manhattan Beach. ON HER (right): Billabong “Real Time” top, $64, and “Vintage” bottom, $56; both at Beehive in Manhattan Beach. ON HIM (right): Quiksilver “The Scallop” shorts, $90; Wrights in Manhattan Beach.



ON HER (bike): Body Glove “Smoothies Tri” bikini top, $32, and “Smoothies Surf Rider” bottom, $41; both at Diane’s in Manhattan Beach. ON HER (middle): Wild Fox “Fruit Punch” top, $98, and bottom, $70; both at Diane’s Beachwear. ON HIM (middle): Paper Backs “St. Barts” board short, $90; Wrights in Manhattan Beach. Ripcurl “Balki” shirt, $49.50; Nikau Kai in Manhattan Beach. ON HIM (right): Greenlines “Bonfire” board short, $68; Nikau Kai. Dusters California “Bird Timber” skateboard, $135; ET Surf in Hermosa Beach.



ON HER (front): Maison Scotch “Hawaii” top, $116, and “Charlie” short, $66; both at Beehive in Manhattan Beach. Odina “Boho Surf” top, $78; Nikau Kai in Manhattan Beach. Dusters California “Endless Summer” skateboard, $130; ET Surf in Hermosa.ON HER (back): Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word “Retro Skater Girl” tank top, $22.95; Wicked+ in Hermosa Beach. Billabong “Hearted Side Tie” shorts, $49.50; ET Surf. Dusters California “Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word” skateboard, $139.95; ET Surf and Wicked+. 



ON HER (left): Odina “Boho Surf” top, $78; Nikau Kai. Striped short, $13.50; Forever 21 at South Bay Galleria in Redondo. Roxy “Seaside” hat, $26; Spyder Surf in Hermosa. ON HIM (top): Vissla crew, $34.95, and “Rights Hybrid” short, $54.95; both at Nikau Kai.  ON HER (right): Ace & Jig “Roadside Baja” top, $260; Wright’s. Odina “Boho Surf” bottom, $78; Nikau Kai. Sunnyside ukelele, $28; Beehive. ON HIM (center): Vissla “Edison” trunks, $60, and “Skipper” jacket, $264; both at Wright’s. Billabong westsuit vest (far left), $69.95; ET Surf.

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