Enjoying the Afterglow of the First-Ever BeachLife Festival in Redondo Beach

Miss out on the weekend? Check out some highlights here.

The BeachLife Festival in Redondo Beach enjoyed a trifecta of gorgeous weather, energized crowds and top talent for its first ever outing. Headliners Bob Weir, Brian Wilson and Willie Nelson electrified guests each night alongside amazing musical performances from Ziggy Marley, Jason Mraz, Berlin, the Violent Femmes and more. Guest also enjoyed dining and beverage options created by South Bay chefs and brewers.

We caught up with the co-founder of BeachLife, Rob Lissner, to get his personal take on the weekend and what’s next for the festival.

First, congrats on a stellar South Bay weekend. The local response to BeachLife was epic. What’s your post-event take on how it went?

Rob Lissner: Thanks much for the kind words. We couldn’t be more stoked and humbled by the support and feedback received by everyone from the local community to the city officials. Our goal has always been to create a boutique and community driven event that fits into this epic location. It feels like we are on the right path.

Tell us a little about the overall turnout and numbers?

RL: We were close to our goal of 10,000 attendees per day, which felt great for year one. The most people at one time looked like Sunday night. Everyone wanted to see Willie … who certainly put on a show.

Any personal highlights from the performances?

RL: A ton, but I’ll limit it to a few and won’t include Willie because it’s too easy. First, Jackie Greene and Chris Robinson sitting in with Bob Weir on “Not Fade Away.”  Second, Grace Potter. I hadn’t seen her before, and she got everyone fired up in about two minutes. Third, Steel Pulse on the beach. Perfect setting, and they haven’t missed a beat.

Any surprise guests, on stage or in the house?

RL: There were definitely some surprise guests in the house, but all of the collaborations came from artists on the bill. Bob played with Slightly Stoopid, John Popper played harmonica with Willie, Chris Robinson and Jackie Greene with Bob and a few others.

What was the buzz out in the crowd about the food, amenities, etc.?

RL: The feedback was positive overall on the food … especially the Sidestage Restaurant, which turned out to be a big hit for its food from our amazing local celebrity chefs and the view from the side of the stage. I heard Korean Wings and Brisket Fries more than any other items from the food trucks and vendors. A surprising amount of positive feedback about the VIP bathroom situation as well. I’ll need to spend more time in there next time.

Anything you’d change for a future event of this size?

RL: Sure, there are always going to be some small tweaks, and we already have more than a few. That said, it felt like the positioning and flow worked pretty well.

Speaking of the future, what’s next for BeachLife?

RL: Working on it. Stay tuned.