Enlightened Living by the Beach

The Purists

From the ever-crowded Strand to the traffic-plagued Pacific Coast Highway, the South Bay is a constant bustle of activity. Yet the Vitta home in Hermosa Beach is a reprieve of soothing, Zen-like paradise. With four children and two dogs, the Vitta household could be very loud; however, soft mantras waft through the light-filled spaces, creating a study in peace and tranquility.  

Lisa Vitta is native of Orange County who spent the last four years living in Calabasas. With her natural beauty and relaxed personality, she was selected to be one of the Real Housewives of Calabasas. Although the series did not air, Lisa’s mind wandered to how she might translate her passion for healthy living into another television opportunity when her husband, Tim, wanted to leave the heat of Calabasas for the shores of the South Bay and an ocean-oriented lifestyle. 

The Vittas embarked on their South Bay home journey via a family trip. While waiting to board a flight to Hawaii, their real estate agent called to say that a home with tremendous views had just fallen through escrow and was available. Sight unseen and with boarding passes in hand, the Vittas leaped into the purchase of the site of their next home. 

Tim is the owner of Global Green Builders, and this was an opportunity to build the home of their dreams. With architect Dave Watson, Lisa set about creating her vision. Comprised of materials such as European white oak, marble, stainless steel and glass, the house is a study in organic, sustainable living. 

Having been a yoga devotee for all of her adult life, Lisa translated the opportunity of physically transitioning to the South Bay to professionally transitioning to a career in yoga. She says that she “went on a journey to the South Bay, ending up with a gorgeous, ocean-view home and a yoga teaching certificate in Kundalini yoga.” In their new home, she and Tim rise with the sun at 5:00 in the morning to practice yoga for an hour before she teaches classes throughout the day.  

Just as the spinal cord is the line of energy through the body in yoga, so does the Vitta home have a line of energy.  On the top floor of the home, overlooking expansive Pacific views, is the magnificent kitchen and living area. Directly beneath the kitchen is the family room, where the kids have their own special place to relax overlooking a peaceful garden. The large yoga studio is on the ground floor beneath the playroom. Like one line of energy from the substance of food to family to yoga, the spine of the house connects the Vittas in all capacities. 

While Lisa was working on her yoga certificate, daughter Marisa graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. When considering careers, the two women kept returning to their holistic approach to living and the pulse of their family: their new serene home. Together they created a curriculum about intuitive health, focused on eating habit awareness and body awareness with meditation through yoga. 

In April, they launched The Enlightened Kitchen and The Gurus Gate, combining their passions for both vegetarian food and Kundalini yoga. Whether ensconced in the enveloping yoga studio or floating above the ocean in the gourmand kitchen, it is an exercise in personal indulgence of the healthiest sort. 

In the Buddhist tradition of following the River of Life, Lisa’s river appears to be flowing in the direction of another television show. This time, however, she will trade the drama of reality television for the sublime indulgence of peaceful living. 

For a glimpse into the daily serenity of the Vittas, tour their home on the American Martyrs Sophisticated Snoops Home Tour, May 18-20. For more, visit americanmartyrsschool.org.


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