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The opportunity to put a personal stamp on nearly every corner of a home intrigued Hermosa Beach interior designer Lynn Pepe.

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The opportunity to put a personal stamp on nearly every corner of a home intrigued Hermosa Beach interior designer Lynn Pepe. Introduced to the client by her father, the designer understood both the perks and challenges of taking on this kind of project, and she didn’t take the prospect lightly.

“There is always a point when your own vision is compromised to satisfy your client, and that’s the way it should be,” says Pepe. At the same time, when a client gives you the space to create your own vision in a responsible way, there is potential to achieve something great and something beyond their imagination.”

An ambitious project would require a skilled contractor, and Pepe knew just the guy.  She had recently collaborated with Sean Icaza on a Manhattan Beach home and brought him on board for her newest gig.

Icaza describes the condition of the original, early-90s Mediterranean-style home, positioned in a tucked away cul-de-sac in Hermosa with amazing coastal views, as “reasonable.” But reasonable was merely a starting point for Pepe and Icaza’s epic task at hand.

Long View

“The goal was to create a warm and unique feeling, almost like an indoor/outdoor resort feel, reshaped to reflect a Santa Barbara Mission style,” says Icaza. According to Pepe, the client owns several properties in and around the area and intended this to be his primary residence. “It was important to create a home he could feel proud of when entertaining and be comfortable living in on a day-to-day basis. I wanted it to be a house he would grow into and appreciate for years to come.”

Old Meets New

“It’s important to allow enough room in a budget for a few museum-quality pieces in key areas,” says Pepe, who added items like the 1760 Danish chairs that flank the 18th-century fireplace. But the home is not without modern touches. Icaza installed an iPad system that controls the entire home system, including audio/video, security, lighting controls, HVAC and window shades. 

Finishing Touches

Everything was designed around the client’s desire to entertain. Top to bottom, the house has more than 32 televisions and 14 refrigerators.

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