Escape Artists

A vacation can be entertaining … even when you’re not the one taking it. Check out these media picks inspired by memorable summer soujorns.




Beautiful Ruins 

by Jess Walter

Set on the Italian coastline in the early 1960s, this fantastic vacation read follows the flawed but fascinating people navigating the rocky shores of their lives while clinging to their impossible dreams. 




We’re the Millers 

Could a family road trip be complete without a killer whale, drug smuggling and an RV? Join Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, Jason Sudeikis and fresh face Will Poulter as they embark on a drug smuggling scheme disguised as a traditional family vacay. Witness an American family tradition turn disfunctional starting August 9.





John Mayer’s Paradise Valley 

After secluding himself with silence for months after vocal cord surgery, John Mayer is back with a new single and album that is creating quite a buzz. With the album titled after a river valley in Montana, there is no doubt this album will hint to his time spent there and will inspire his listeners to plan a road trip and set their “Mayer” playlist to repeat. Gas up the car and expect the album to drop August 20.

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