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Peeling away the layers at Sedona’s world-renowned spa.

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    Darren Elms

A friend said to me, “Mii Amo finds you when you need it the most.”

2017 was a big one … challenging, cathartic and, in many ways, enlightening. I entered the fall season exhausted but open-minded, ready for the next chapter. So when the invitation came through to experience Sedona’s revered spa and spiritual sanctuary, I knew my time had finally come.

Sedona is a “soul” place for me. It’s difficult to explain in words of distinction. Let’s just say it’s a feeling, a sense of belonging somewhere. I’ve only been to Sedona twice, but each time drew me in tightly and didn’t want to let go. It’s an incredible sensation.

The sheer beauty of Sedona alone is worth a visit. Red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls and pine forests create a breathtaking panorama. Then there are the vortexes—sacred sites where energy is either entering into the earth or projecting out of the earth’s plane. Many say this energy is so powerful it can help enhance one’s spiritual journey. Luckily for me, one of these vortexes awaited just above Mii Amo in Boynton Canyon.


The Mii Amo destination spa shares a secluded, natural landscape with Enchantment Resort. Although guests of Enchantment are welcome to use the spa facilities, Mii Amo offers all-inclusive, private journeys to a reserved number of participants. These three-, four- or seven-night stays include casita accommodations, café meals, spa treatments, classes and personal consultations. You can also personalize your experience to enhance your journey, like de-stressing the mind, body and spirit, spiritual exploration or transformational wisdom.

My personal journey leaned toward the spiritual, per my preference. This started with a Reading of the Moment, where tarot cards set the tone of my present at arrival. That night fortuitously coincided with the full moon, allowing me to participate in a special massage ritual that included writing down something I wished to release and setting it aflame.

“Mii Amo finds you when you need it the most.”

Throughout my weekend I also delved into my astrological chart, discovered past lives and enjoyed an Aura-Soma Reading—a color system based on natural oils and essences that allows you to understand yourself on a deeper level and find balance with your original potential. Even if you’re skeptical or shy to these kinds of experiences, I highly suggest booking one. They present a great opportunity to look inward and explore truths you may have never recognized or taken seriously. I’m 100% a believer in the power of the intuition. After Mii Amo, you will be too.

To complement all the soulful healing you may experience here, the spa also offers a wide variety of nourishment for your body, including massages, skin treatments and facials. During my Sedona Clay Wrap, I was lightly dry-brushed and exfoliated before receiving a generous application of local, mineral-rich red clay. Caked in terra-cotta earth, I felt a special part of the place and the magic it inspires.


Meditation and reflection are key components to the Mii Amo experience—the best ones occurring in the Crystal Grotto …. an enclosed space that draws from the elements and enhances the ceremony with four directionally placed crystals. Don’t miss these short but serene daily rituals.

Robes are welcome at the Mii Amo café—the nutritional center of the spa. Morning, noon and night you’ll see familiar faces wander in, some fresh from treatments and others fueling up for a hike. “Spa food,” as they call the healthy fare you typically find at wellness retreats like these, needs not be bland or boring just because it’s better for you. Mii Amo’s offerings are no exception.

Under the masterful hand of Alex Pasco, the “Intelligent Cuisine” served incorporates organic or locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, all dishes bursting with flavor and colorful presentation. Highlights for me included his ginger and carrot soup (thick and vibrant) and the popular Pumpkin in a Jar with roasted pumpkin, crunchy pepitas and a dollop of fluffy cream. Both items were ordered more than once.

It was difficult to leave Mii Amo, but all things must come to an end. Though wistful, I could hardly be sad. I had just experienced a much-needed reboot that only left me with gratitude. I do miss the smiles from the exceptional staff, the blissful setting and those delicious meals, but I find solace knowing

Sedona is readily accessible and will welcome my return when I will it. That shall be soon.

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Quick Tips:

Getting there: Fly into Phoenix (several flights a day from LAX) and drive or get a car to Sedona, about 90 minutes or so north. It’s a pretty drive, so you won’t be bored.

When to visit: Sedona enjoys mild temperatures most of the year, though mid-summer can get toasty. January is cooler but less crowded. Rumor is April/May and October/November are stellar times to come, for both the weather and beauty of the seasonal flora.

Don’t miss: If you’re in the market for jewelry, especially turquoise, head up the canyon to Garland’s. The family-owned business works closely with Native American tribes for their product, so you know you’re getting the real deal from their vast and varied selection.

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