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Getting it Right

A creative couple brings a mutual love of vintage and handmade goods to Manhattan Beach.

Social Scene

2012 White Light White Night

Southbay magazine was a proud sponsor at Walk With Sally’s largest fundraiser of the year, White Light White Night. Guests sported trendy all-white attire and sipped cocktails courtesy of Patron Tequila while enjoying tunes by Smash Mouth. A special thanks to Indian Pink for adding pillows with a splash of color to Southbay’s VIP tent.

The Gardening Chef

It’s funny how fads come and go in restaurants. Once upon a time, the measure of a restaurant’s success was its ability to
procure the most foreign and out-of-season exotica possible. In the era of the carbon footprint, however, quite the opposite is true. Featuring only local and seasonal produce is now the real standard for a chef; if you aren’t photographed personally
prowling your neighborhood farmers market in kitchen whites, you might want to consider a new PR firm.

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