Fighting Irish

Set your smiling eyes (and ears) on these cultural
contributions with a nod to our friends over on the Emerald Isle, as curated by two South Bay lads and one literary lass.

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Linda McLoughlin Figel

Manhattan Beach, Co-owner of Pages, A Bookstore 

The All of It

by Jeannette Haien

This is a gem of a novel and among my all-time favorites! The novel begins with Father Declan de Loughry struggling to land a salmon and to make sense of the recent deathbed confession of one of his long-time and well-respected parishioners, Kevin Dennehy. It’s not until sometime later that Kevin’s “wife,” Enda, makes her own confession to Father Declan that the truth becomes clear. Once burdened with the facts, Father Declan is faced with his own moral dilemma. This wonderfully lyrical Irish story mesmerizes from its start and keeps you wrapped in its embrace and struggles until its sobering conclusion. 

How the Irish Saved Civilization 

by Thomas Cahill

While I’ve yet to read this book, it has been recommended to me repeatedly by my father, John Patrick McLoughlin, who also happens to be one of the best-read and most steeped in Irish tradition and lore of any individual I know. I can’t think of a better tribute to St. Patrick, except perhaps to read this with a Guinness in hand.


Collin Kleinman

Redondo Beach, Attending Musicians Institute of LA Bell X1 

A very popular rock band in Ireland since 1999. I’ve been listening to the band since 2003 and have heard them mature and adapt throughout all their six album releases‑making them a band to always watch for.

Voodoo Loons

A fairly new band emerging in 2006, they have a great mix of rock and roll and a traditional Celtic folk sound stemming from the vocals and rhythms. The clash of old and new, rock and folk makes the band unique and offers something great for listeners looking for a new sound.

The Devlins

Even though The Devlins are from Ireland, they bring a very surf, indie rock sound to their music. Their songwriting is simplistic, and their melodies trance your ear into a good listen. Their later albums have become more rock-based, as you can hear in their new single, “Waiting.”






Duncan Wain

Palos Verdes, COO of Zoo Digital post-production company Cinderella Man

Russell Crowe playing an Irish boxer. Fantastic film based during the Great Depression. Some of Crowe’s best work. In the Name of the Father Daniel Day-Lewis. Great story about four Irishmen accused of bombing an English pub. My Left Foot Another great Daniel Day-Lewis movie. He won best actor for this. Based on the story of Dublin-born writer and painter Christy Brown.