Final Offer

We asked five local real estate professionals, “If you could buy a home anywhere in the world outside the South Bay, where would it be?”


Chad H. Fahlbusch, NW Real Estate Brokers
“Telluride, Colorado. The San Juan Mountains are the most
beautiful mountain range in the world and would be out my back door. Telluride is very hard to get to, so it stays relatively less crowded than other ski areas. I could ski in the winter, ride mountain bikes all summer and have no traffic.”

Lauren Forbes, Coldwell Banker Previews International
“If I could buy a home anywhere in the world outside the South Bay
it would be a yacht with a captain—that way I could travel anywhere and bring my surfboard and anyone I want to travel with—and I wouldn’t get lost.”


Patty Sullivan, Vista | Sotheby’s International Real Estate
“If I were leaving the South Bay and purchasing a replacement
property, it would be in Pebble Beach where there is plenty of golf, exquisite shoreline and astounding ocean views from so many vantage points–rather like the South Bay.”

John Capellaro, Coldwell Banker Previews International
“Varenna, Italy on Lake Como. Although prone to tourists part of the year, this lakeside town boasts beautiful gardens, exquisite villas, small cafes, the finest food in the world—PERIOD—and the most beautiful vistas I have ever seen. It is the place most like Heaven on Earth for me. Got a spare $10 million or so? Why are you torturing us like this?”


Darin DeRenzis, Vista | Sotheby’s International Real Estate
“I would have to say a home in the hills outside of Florence, Italy. It’s a
perfect combination of open space, beautiful scenery, great food and wine,
and easy access to one of the worlds great cities!”