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South Bay investment advisor David Marquart helps clients plan for the future and support sustainability today.

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Designing portfolios that are both good for the world and good for a client’s financial wellbeing—that sums up investment advisor David Marquart’s professional passion in a nutshell. 

“Social responsibility means different things to different people, so it’s important to design tailored portfolios of direct securities to ensure they’re completely in line with each client’s personal values,” he says. “Further, if you invest in companies that are conscious and responsible, it puts pressure on other companies to act accordingly, so there is a positive, ancillary effect that comes with it.”

David works with Checchi Capital Advisers, LLC (CCA), a fully independent quantitative investment manager based in Beverly Hills. Their team consists of 16 professionals from all over the world, half of which are computer engineers. They speak more than 15 languages and take an approach of hiring vertical experts, instead of generalists, to advise on each different area of a client’s wealth—resulting in a collective high level of advice.

A Firm Foundation

As an undergrad, David was recruited by a hedge fund in New York to trade systematic high-frequency strategies across international markets. From there he served as a portfolio manager at Capstone, an $8 billion volatility arbitrage fund whose focus was to neutralize the directional component of derivatives to isolate the volatility variable and thus trade that volatility as an independent asset class. 

David explains, “After a couple years, I noticed that the directors of other funds, while brilliant directional investors deeply knowledgeable about specific stocks/sectors, would only be armed with an elementary approach of buying or selling the stock to structure their conviction.” 

He believes that by using more advanced products to express any given conviction, you can create much more efficient investment structures with respect to risk and return. David pursued the idea “There is one way to buy a stock but 100 ways to long it” at a proprietary hedge fund for several years before founding and managing his own hedge fund, Marquart Capital, for four years centered around the same philosophy.

David joined Checchi Capital in 2018. He explains, “Since most first-generational wealth is concentrated in the business/asset where it was created, we noticed the ‘100 ways’ philosophy should be applied to the broader management of concentrated wealth. When you trade options, you trade both direction and volatility. Since typical advisors are not versed in volatility analysis, Adam Checchi and I agreed this was an incredible opportunity to provide a better offering for high net worth clients whose wealth is concentrated.” 

David oversees assets for small institutions and high net worth individuals ($5 million+) across the United States. “I specifically help people manage concentrated wealth, which comes in all forms—from publicly traded company executives with large amounts of restricted stock to entrepreneurs with business interests or high exposure to a specific industry or sector,” he shares.

He also particularly enjoys ESG investing at Checchi Capital. ESG (environmental, social and governance) refers to a class of investing that is considered “sustainable.” He says, “Empowering those who have good intentions with their wealth is the best way for me to leverage my technical background to my personal values.”

CCA manages $1.3 billion for around 100 families. While their asset size places the firm among the largest investment advisors in the United States, Checchi Capital has stayed selective with who they work with as to not dilute their high standard of service.

Off the Clock

David is passionate about applying his background in quantitative finance to his personal values. He sits on the board of advisors for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the Hermosa Beach Education Foundation. 

“My father was a public school teacher, and I believe professionals in the public school system are some of the most underappreciated and undervalued members of our society,” he says. “I’m also a big fan of the oceans and am very passionate about protecting them. It’s not a coincidence I reside in this wonderful beach community.”

David has served on the Wall Street committee for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, as a Big Brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City and as a tutor for high school students in Compton, California. He resides in Hermosa Beach with his son, Wyatt, age 4, and his daughter, Coco, age 2.

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