Fit for a King

In the South Bay’s Hollywood Riviera neighborhood, mattress monarch Larry Milller of Sit ‘n Sleep and his wife, Nuch, create a custom home fit for a king (or queen) with the help of Redondo Beach contractor Gary Lane.

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    Suzanna Cullen

You may know him from his memorable radio ads, but Sit ‘n Sleep CEO Larry Miller is also a proud South Bay resident. Discover how he set himself free and created a refuge of tranquility in the Hollywood Riviera.

Larry Miller of famed mattress store Sit ‘n Sleep lives his life by the dictate of “manage my expectations.” While his expectations are high, they are never unattainable. Larry is an incredibly positive, generous person who knows how to achieve his goals. Sit n’ Sleep is the highest grossing mattress company in the country, because Larry has been able to manage his customers’ expectations of getting the best mattress for the best price. When he decided to remodel his home, his philosophy was exactly the same as his business model.

For several years, Larry had lived in the original 1970s Hollywood Riviera beachfront home. However, the rooms were cramped and dark, and walls obstructed views to the ocean.  Larry had been through many life changes, and his mattress company grew exponentially each year. Finally, he decided to give himself a present by creating and building the home he had always dreamed of having on the beach.

Redondo Beach contractor Gary Lane has been remodeling and building South Bay homes since 1988, when he opened his company. As Larry notes, “My kids, Andrew and Danielle, had gone to Redondo High School with Gary’s kids, so I called him first.”

“At the first meeting, I told him that I wanted the space to be inviting, open and airy, and I wanted the focus to be on the ocean and my art collection,” says Larry. “Finally and critically, I told him to manage my expectations and be completely realistic about both the financial cost and the time frame.”

When Gary heard Larry say “manage my expectations,” he understood exactly what his client wanted in the remodeling process. Gary’s vision of opening up the entire living space of the first floor and using glass to create a seamless view to the ocean was exactly the design solution Larry was seeking. Gary also promised to deliver the house on time and within budget. It was “a perfect fit, and I never interviewed another builder,” Larry shares.

Because the home is perched above the ocean in the Hollywood Riviera, the building codes were strict. Neither the roofline nor the footings of the house could be changed; however, they were able to extend the terrace out enough to include a Jacuzzi and outdoor grill, thereby creating a wonderful outdoor living area. Eliminating all the interior walls and maintaining a light color palate in the stone floors and white walls immediately filled the home with a sense of light and space. Glass walls and glass porch railings permit infinite views of the ocean. 

At the same time Larry was constructing his house, his personal life was evolving so that both seemed orchestrated for a perfectly unified completion. Larry had been in a long-distance relationship with Nuch while she ran her companies in Thailand. However, Larry finally convinced Nuch and her son, Ping, to create a life with him and his children in their new South Bay home.

After getting married in September 2011, Larry and Nuch now share their home with their three children and Larry’s extensive art collection. “After a busy day at the office, I love coming home to my family and this beautiful house,” beams Larry. It’s so peaceful to just watch the ocean that I don’t even feel like we need to go on vacation.”

Nuch and Ping have filled the house with the Thai sense of grace and peace, while Larry constantly fills it with his family and friends. Together, they believe that “houses should be lived in and used with loved ones to create special memories,” says Larry. “Our door is always open, and we love to have people over.”

Upon leaving, Nuch offers the Thai wai, or traditional greeting. With palms and fingertips pressed together and pointing upwards, she bows her forehead to her fingertips and smiles. Looking back toward the ocean, the Redondo Beach ocean view could just as easily be found in Phuket.  Whether by intent of design or pure good fortune, Larry’s new home seems to have exceeded his expectations in every capacity.