Full Plate

A local dad’s enterprising idea helps put a smarter, tastier dinner on the table.

Already a successful real estate man and one of the original founders of Bank of Manhattan, Kyle Ransford took the reins of an entirely new endeavor with plenty of room for negotiation: putting dinner on the table for his kids. “I always had a passion for cooking,” says the entrepreneur. “Playing Mr. Mom, I suddenly found myself giving advice to parents on preparation and picking good ingredients.”

Kyle also noticed something missing from the market. Why should it take shopping at several stores and tons of wasted produce to get just the right ingredients required for a single recipe? He thought, “What if there was a button you could hit that sent me all the ingredients I needed for one meal?”

With some companies already sending recipes and measured ingredients in personal shipments to doorsteps, Kyle started to think outside of the box: “What if the customer was cooking a dish by Bobby Flay rather than something by me?” This type of brand alignment, combined with a “choose your own adventure” menu of ongoing recipes, became the foundation for his latest venture, Chef’d.


“With other services, you don’t get choice,” Kyle explains. “You get three recipes with ingredients that the company chooses each week. At Chef’d we have 300 recipes available at any time, and the choice is entirely yours. You can order, cook and eat it at any time you want. No subscription required.”

The culinary roster at Chef’d includes contributions from The New York Times and the James Beard Foundation, and celebrity chefs like Fabio Viviani, Susan Feniger and Robert Irvine—to name a few.

Kyle, who lives in the South Bay, chose to set up shop right here in El Segundo, adding new jobs and a handsome orange headquarters to the neighborhood. “It’s hard to not leave the bubble,” he says when asked why he opened offices locally. Chef’d also opened a second operation in Brooklyn and currently serves all 48 continental states.

In the fall Chef’d will introduce a new user experience to help the company interact with its consumers. “Whether you’re cooking a weeknight dinner, a fancy gathering or anything in between, we want to better suggest a meal that fits your lifestyle.”