Fully Exposed

Torrance-born painter Dan McCaw developed his creative talents at an early age…


Torrance-born painter Dan McCaw developed his creative talents at an early age, growing up in the presence of another great artist: his father. “Kids usually get toys for their birthdays; I got easels and art supplies,” says Dan. “Every time spent with my father was a lesson on the basic fundamentals of art, creativity and philosophy.”

Dan describes his painting style as “an action and reaction,” in which something is built up and then stripped away. “I work back and forth scraping, sanding, glazing, letting the subconscious work,” he shares. “I don’t like having a painting planned out—only in a general, abstract manner. I’m really looking for an internal response to a external image.”

The painting Judgment, featured here, is a 50 x 40 oil-on-canvas of a nude figure on display. “It’s symbolic of how difficult it is to stand naked exposing our imperfections and vulnerabilities and how we are expected to be perfect and to meet the expectations of others.”

 About the Artist:

Dan works at a 5,500-square-foot studio he shares with his father and brother in Old Torrance on Sartori Avenue. On May 23, they will open their studio doors for the first time in 12 years for an exhibition of their individual work. For more on this event and Dan’s paintings, visit mccawcontemporary.com.




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