Gentlemanly Pursuits

After chasing trends at other fashion houses for nearly two decades, a couple local guys pursue their own style instincts at Hermosa’s men-centric Deep Pocket Jean Company.

As David Mercer completed his 200 Pier Avenue development, he sat down with his marketing consultant, David Borgatta. Borgatta had previously worked for brands like Quiksilver, GUESS and Big Star, so it wasn’t unfamiliar territory when their conversation shifted to a glaring lack of true men’s fashion in the South Bay. Mercer, a father of six with two cell phones, expressed frustration that there just wasn’t a jean pocket deep enough to suit his lifestyle needs. Then style synergy: A new venture was born, and Deep Pocket Company began to take shape.

Borgatta brought on the retail experience of Jeffrey Davis, who had guided merchandising production at Anchor Blue and Hurley. The first focus was jeans‑not too tight or skinny but just right. Two signature features help the brand’s denim stand out from the crowd: a 12-inch deep pocket and a special welt cell phone pocket. The new store on Pier Avenue not only hosts the Deep Pocket brand but other men’s staples, Will leather goods, Tsovet watches, Kershaw USA knives and Scott James threads as well. 

Always a cut above, the shop also offers a grooming station for its clientele. Two barbers, Talbot Kuper and Eddie Rodriquez, man the chair, providing services from haircuts to beard trims to the badger brush, straight razor and hot towel shave. Lookin’ good there, South Bay lad. Real good. 

Deep Pocket Jean Co.
200 Pier Avenue #201
Hermosa Beach