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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

South Bay Plastic Surgeons began serving the South Bay 25 years ago with the initial practice of Dr. Charles Spenler. From the beginning, he envisioned that the business would include a group of board-certified plastic surgeons providing a full spectrum of services to the South Bay community. The name of the company was adopted in 2008, when Dr. Lisa Jewell and Dr. Michael Newman joined the practice. We caught up with the surgeons to discuss everything from trends in cosmetic procedures to caring for patients recovering from cancer.

You have a loyal list of clients who live in the South Bay. What services do these clients see you for?

SBPS: Most of our South Bay clients are interested in looking healthy, youthful and natural. This is in contrast to many clients from other parts of town, who prefer to look more obvious or overly done. We specialize in maintaining your appearance, while giving you a natural result that makes you look refreshed and healthy.

Why do you think South Bay locals put a strong emphasis on health and appearance?

SBPS: The South Bay is full of healthy, good-looking people. This may be due to the beautiful, inviting beaches that make it difficult to hide those extra pounds. Or it may be due to the great weather we have in the area that makes it easier to exercise and stay in shape.

What are some non-surgical practices you recommend to your clients for looking younger?

SBPS: During our 25 years, there have been many exciting advances in non-surgical treatments to improve appearance. Technology and innovation have revolutionized plastic surgery in recent years, with numerous non-surgical rejuvenation options available. These include skin care, microdermabrasion, peels, Botox, fillers and laser treatments. 

What is most rewarding about your reconstructive surgery practice?

SBPS: Many of our patients are breast cancer patients who come to us for breast reconstruction. We proudly provide care for these courageous patients, and caring for them is extremely rewarding. South Bay Plastic Surgeons is actively involved in several local breast cancer support groups, such as Evelyn’s Breast Friends Forever. In fact, we are hosting an event on October 10 to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month and to celebrate the first year of Breast Reconstruction Awareness day.

Is there a fountain of youth?

SBPS: Yes! There are numerous ways to stay looking young or even to turn back the clock. The most important step is to prevent aging by avoiding sun exposure, using high-quality skin care products, Botox to prevent wrinkles and peels to keep your skin looking radiant and healthy. For many of us, the damage has already been done from too much sun exposure, pregnancy or breastfeeding. Or maybe you are getting a late start into the world of plastic surgery. Don’t worry! It’s not too late.