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A curated group of the latest gadgets and gizmos aimed at fitness and beauty

Casio’s G-Shock series includes watches designed for dynamic lifestyles—from pilots to athletes to scuba divers. Nearly all have mineral-crystal windows, a 200-meter water resistance and resin bands. From $100;









The SCIFIT ISO7000R Recumbent Bike features a step that adjusts up to a full 23 inches for easy access and a whopping 191 levels of resistance. Seat height adjustment, swivel and recline.









The automated, self-watering Urban Cultivator grows microgreens and tray greens all year round. $2,499;









Yatra’s line of Aquatune Bluetooth Speakers provides the perfect combination of sound, mobility and endurance. Weatherproof. $65;







The Down Dog App is perfect when you can’t carve out time for the yoga studio. With young instructors and a hip playlist, the app demonstrates each pose, using a series of photos along with teachers doling out pointers.









The Diamond•K tool, a gentler alternative to microdermabrasion,  aims to fade fine lines and brighten your complexion. Tried it (along with aesthetician Tina  Keshishian’s new skin care line); love it. $179;







Nothing like having your smoothie ready the minute you get off the bike. The Fender Blender Pro uses pedal power to operate the blades and crank out your drink. $1,700;







The Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD utilizes red-light therapy to reduce lines, sun damage and age spots. Indeed, with just a few “sessions” skin toned evened out—and seemed to glow. $249;

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