Grand Finales

The end is near … at least for these cool summer viewing and listening picks.


“Done” by The Band Perry

This is certainly not the last from this family trio, but their latest single from the sophomore album Pioneer is all about the ending of a relationship. The pounding beat and witty lines foresee things just getting started for The Band Perry. “Done,” along with the album Pioneer, is out now.



World War Z 

Nothing says “the end of the world” like a zombie pandemic. Luckily the world can count on Brad Pitt to lead the fight in defending humanity. This highly anticipated film is full of action, drama and horror, making it the perfect recipe for a summer flick. Grab your zombie-killing handbook before the June 21 release. 



Breaking Bad, The Final Season

After five phenomenal years, the story of Walter White concludes. Whether you are a loyal fan or first-timer, this season promises answers to the questions on everyone’s mind: What will happen to Mr. White? Who will turn on whom? Mark your calendar for Sunday, July 15 on AMC.