Green Thumbs Up

Celebrating their first anniversary in May,
Deep Roots blooms with petals and purpose.

The third nursery to operate on the Manhattan Beach property, Deep Roots Garden Center seeks to both revive the principles of the original Bob’s Nursery and improve upon it. In fact, current owner Jon Bell worked for Bob in the late 90s. He is proud to have returned the site to a “full-fledged” nursery while also operating it as a cutting-edge, 21st-century garden center. “The plant selection is downright awesome,” says Jon. “We have a complete range of plants, from indoor flowering centerpieces and large specimen palms and trees to outdoor plants of all types and the best selection of veggies, herbs, fruit and citrus found in the South Bay.”

Most impressive is the section devoted to native plants, an important addition for Jon. “With the water restrictions now in place, these plants can save a lot of money, as well as enjoy the benefits of decreased pesticide and fertilizer use and the attraction of all the indigenous bird and insect species,” he shares. “There is no better plant to put in a California garden than a California native … it just makes sense.”
 Deep Roots hosts classes every other Saturday on a wide range of seasonal topics, like growing tomatoes, citrus trees and orchids. Check them out and watch your garden grow.

Deep Roots Gardening Center
207 N. Sepulveda Boulevard
Manhattan Beach