Gustavo Calzadilla

Time management is an art for this busy South Bay executive and father.

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    Darren Elms

The history of the Tutima brand began in Glashütte, a mythical city of horology known for the most exclusive timepieces. So how did one of the finest watch companies in Germany find a home across the globe at a mythical community known for world-class surfers, beaches and amazing weather? Ask Gustavo Calzadilla.

A South Bay resident since the age of 2, Gustavo acquired the rights to Tutima watches in 1997. As president and CEO of the U.S. division, he oversees sales, marketing and brand strategies for all of North America. During his career with Tutima, he has engaged other South Bay businesses with his product, like Morgan’s Jewelers, with whom he shares a 10-year relationship.

Living in South Torrance, not too far from Tutima’s U.S. headquarters, Gustavo and his wife and two young children take advantage of the South Bay’s many outdoor pleasures. “We love trying new places to eat, and thanks to the variety here, we never get bored,” he says. “With two kids under the age of 3, a perfect day is any day with them. I truly enjoy taking them to the park, beach or for a walk around a Palos Verdes trail.”

Gustavo’s outgoing, spirited vision has certainly served the legendary brand well, whose wristwatches date back to 1927. Unlike many modern timepieces, the German-engineered watches are all mechanical, with no computers or battery, and they utilize several hundred hand-crafted components to keep time running. Vintage-inspired, the 30s-era styling sets their designs apart.

“A watch is an expression of your character, style and individuality,” says Gustavo. “Much like the sound or feel of driving a classic car can transport the driver to a simpler era and escape today’s busy electronic world, my watch does the same for me.”