He’s the Boss

A local teen’s study tool-turned-app gets some big business attention.

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    Amber Klinck


When 14-year-old high school freshman Lane Karlitz talks about the events that led to his second-place finish at the 2015 Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA) contest in Washington D.C., he’s quick to downplay what it took to get him there. “It was pretty standard,” he notes.

To say he’s being modest would be putting it mildly. From the program’s initial application process to the conceptualization, development, presentation and—soon—the launch of his app, Study Senses, Lane’s experiences with YEA have been anything but standard.

For Lane, however, YEA was only the beginning. After D.C. he headed for Arkansas, where he presented in front of thousands gathered at the Walmart amphitheater for the company’s Saturday Morning Meeting. Fun fact: Lane shared the stage with Chelsea Clinton that day.

Today, through a partnership with Sam’s Club, the launch of Study Senses is underway with an in-store event on the horizon. “We’re in development,” Lane explains. “When we are in beta, we will be doing an in-store promotion in the Sam’s Club in Torrance.”

After he explains what “beta” means, Lane dives into the ins and outs of Study Senses. “ the next generation’s Schoolhouse Rock!” he explains. “It’s a mnemonic technology platform that will revolutionize education.”

By creating a mash-up that combines your study material with a song of your choice, Study Senses “makes learning fun,” he continues. It’s so simple and so smart.
The idea was born out of Lane’s own study needs. “I was in Spanish class and having trouble studying for a test,” he notes. “My teacher’s husband created little 30-second songs with the material, and it helped me.”

When he’s not pitching revolutionary ideas, fundraising or cultivating professional relationships, Lane enjoys some everyday teenage activities, like playing ice hockey and golf. He’s also a member of the Palos Verdes chapter of Los Hermanos, a philanthropic group for young boys. But outside school, it’s Study Senses where Lane devotes most of his time.

When asked if it’s still fun, Lane smiles and says, “Yes, or else I wouldn’t do it.”